Aaron Visuals

Aaron Rajamoney (@aaron.visuals) is a creative, adventurer, entrepreneur and drone pilot.

Photography, Video & Travel are a huge passion of his. He lives by the phrase- ‘creating a life you don’t need a holiday from’. Aaron dedicated the last 5 years creating a career around his adventurous lifestyle. Since then he has lived in some of the most remote parts of Africa, travelled to some 30+ countries & most importantly hasn’t needed to take holiday from his work.

Aaron’s expertise in the creative industry has led him to start up a highly successful drone commercial services company based in Melbourne; UAVISUALS.

On the side he continues to create rich content for Instagram, youtube & blogs, travelling to some of the most remote areas of the world, working with inspiring organisations utilising photography and technology innovation to alleviate poverty-related issues and empowering local communities to build a sustainable future.

When he's not behind a camera or looking into a black mirror, he loves getting outdoors with his wife exploring unchartered territories, traveling the globe and indulging local delicacies on the streets of Asia.