Darren Tan

Hi there, I'm Darren

am a photographer/videographer based in Adelaide, South Australia. As someone who loves to travel and explore new places, I enjoy capturing my experiences and sharing the stories from my adventures. I enjoy immersing myself in local cultures and finding unique perspectives to tell a story.
I first picked up a mirrorless camera 3 years ago and I have never looked back - photography has changed how I view the world, and I believe photos can inspire and change someone's life for the better, just like how photography made me a more observant, grateful and overall a better person. I started my photography/videography journey in Tasmania where I got to explore the beautiful state get constantly inspired to create something new and exciting everyday.
I am fortunate enough to have people who believe in my work and that has led to collaborations and opportunities to work with brands, particularly small local businesses in my community. I love making content for these lovely people, showcasing their talent, craftsmanship, and dedication to what they do.
I am inspired to capture and share the beauty of my exploration of the world and hopefully create a meaningful impact on someone looking at my photos, even if it's bringing a little smile on their faces :)