North Shore Gallery Co

Photography by Steve Morris

I live and work in Sydney, and like most suburban families my weeks are spent assisting with homework, household chores and shuttling back and forth between Ballet lessons, Gymnastics, football, and birthday parties for my two beautiful girls. In between the general blur of what I would define as everyday life, I shoot photographs.

Sometimes I shoot for friends and family, and sometimes for local businesses, and more frequently for my ever expanding portfolio of Ballerina's and Dancers. We've been fortunate to be able to travel and during our travels I've shot numerous Ballerina's all over the world.

I love the photos I create for myself and share on Instagram. My pictures remind me of my travels and the special moments I've shared with my family and friends. Photography allows me to step away from the general day to day hustle and bustle and find my creative space.

I'm always searching for a different perspective on what I see every day or the beauty of the Australia bush or Coastline, even places you see every day, the commute, the walk to and from work, can appear uninteresting but always present opportunity to shoot, whether that be the time of day, weather, or just because I haven't taken it before.

I'm excited to bring you some of my favourites, maybe you'll find a favourite too.