Thiago Mancini

What kind of emotions does the Ocean make you feel? My answer should be "all the emotions", but in differents periods of time. While surfing I can feel a lot of excitement, adrenaline and also conection with the ocean. When just observing it I can also entry in a meditative state and feel thats it a place of relaxation and clarity. Other moments I can also feel curiosity about how deep and vaste the ocean are. 
About me? I'm a freelance photographer originally from Brazil and based on Northern Beaches, Sydney. With a passion for the ocean, I love to spend hour just looking into the waves and how full of texture and movement they are. 
Here you will be surrounded by the coastal life and all the nature, sports and wildlife around it.  I aim that, with these fine art prints, you be able to feel the same I felt while taking the photo. My mission is to take along all the excitement, calmeness and serenity that the ocean have to inside your house.