Framed Prints

We pride ourselves on the quality of our craftsmanship and use only the best, sustainable materials for every stage of the production process.

All Framed Prints are printed using the highly regarded Epson P20070 with X-Rite i1 Colour Calibration. Some key highlights of the framed prints include:

  • Museum grade quality
  • Amazing glossy reflections
  • Highlights vibrant colours with pearlescent finish
  • Incredible image clarity
  • Ilford GALERIE Prestige Smooth Pearl 310gsm fine art paper
  • Non-Reflective Glass - light, strong, durable - great for shipping
  • Adhesive Foamcore - Long term protection against image fading
  • D-Rings and String - ready to hang
  • Free, fast worldwide shipping
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Example of white frame:


Example of black frame:

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