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12 Month Membership

12 Month Membership

12 Month Membership

$120 or 32 cents a day

What do you get?
  • Website hosting on our domain - which has established a high level of daily visitors and sales
  • Your own unique URL with unlimited images able to be listed within your own personal profile
  • Your profile to be featured on our influencer page 
  • Printing, shipping and customer service on all orders
  • Analytics on any of your pages/images
  • Ability to add/remove images and update image names and prices
  • 24/7 support
Why Riptide?
  • Consistent level of daily website traffic and sales 
  • Monthly Facebook, Instagram promotion spend - driving the right people to your images
  • Monthly Google Adwords spend with promotions run throughout the month
  • Ease of use - automate your image sales while you spend more time out and about, capturing amazing moments
  • Low commission rates on sales (we take 20% commision on total sales after cost of goods has been taken out)
  • Access to commercial printers with wholesale pricing 
  • Specialist in high quality prints that last a life time
  • 5% of all sales get donated to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation 

The Fine Print

Please be aware that selling photographic/art prints is quite niche. We are lucky enough to have found a great part of the market and hope to continue scaling and providing the world with unique, amazing wall art. We do what we can to drive the right people to your images, however, you will have to market your own images throughout various channels to help. By becoming a member, we do not promise any set amount of sales and only look to partner with like-minded photographers who want to grow and scale their online prints with us. 

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