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Wall Art with Riptide Prints

Here at Riptide we love all things walls, homes, unique photography and art. We hate seeing walls look naked, cold and empty. Majority of us work all day and are usually stuck indoors. We started to realize how nice it would be to come home to walls that display serenity, peace, calm and a truly unique aesthetic look - it is here that Riptide Prints was born with the aim of making worldwide photography available to everyone at affordable prices and scale with unique wall art - are you ready to start the journey? - check out our different wall art ideas for more.

Art dates back to the beginning of time. From rudimentary paintings on cave walls to sculptures made of natural stone and materials, art has been a form of self-expression since the dawn of man. We are fortunate to live in a time where wall art can be easily printed. Whether you want rolled prints, canvas prints or framed wall art, we have got you covered with plenty of different wall art ideas.

Here are a few reasons why we believe wall art is compulsory in every day life:

It provides an instant splash of colour.


Choosing an appropriate and synchronized colour palette can be a daunting task for even the most experienced interior designers. The incredible selection of incremental shades of paint available commercially can seem endless and overwhelming. It can seem like an impossible task to narrow down the choices of colours that best fit with your vision for space. Our recommendation is to leave the paint options behind for a while and instead turn your attention to finding the perfect piece of wall art. Once you have a painting or canvas print that you adore, you can then leverage that piece as the foundation for your room’s colour scheme.

It can create a focal point


One of the tenants of good interior design is that every room must have a focal point, such as a design element that instantly grabs the attention of eye drawing it onto the place, giving the viewer an idea of the rooms themes and colours. It might seem obvious, but a well-chosen piece of wall art can easily be that focal point.

Just picture your ideal piece of artwork proudly hanging above the fireplaces mantle. As an alternative consider a gallery of pieces which can add some intrigue to a traditional dining room or hanging some comforting tapestries in a cosy seating area.

It Can Complete A Room


Take a couple of minutes to think about some of the less than perfect interiors you’ve seen or created. Perhaps your first student digs or the flat that you shared with your friend when you left home. The chances are that these spaces felt a little bit unfinished or a bit rough. The odds are that nearly every room was finished with bare white walls.

Adding a carefully chosen piece of a wall art could have saved those rooms, helping pull together that would have otherwise felt like an unfinished space. It’s an extra push that will take a space from merely functional to appearing like something that’s been pulled directly from a fashionable interior design magazine.


Where to now?

There is no doubt that a wall art piece can add many benefits to ones home, emotion and overall life. We would love for you to see how this changes your perception of a room and any other added benefits to your overall daily life.


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